Top 4 Reasons Stylists Choose Total Salon Studios

If you’re just hearing about Total Salon Studios for the first time, you may not know about this best-kept secret among top stylists. They are choosing Total Salon’s features to make sure they can have their own salon setup right from the start.

They don’t have to worry about figuring out all of the nitty-gritty details, but they still enjoy the independence and control of their salon business. Take a look at the top four reasons stylists are choosing Total Salon Studios and how it compares to having to do everything on your own.

The Freedom and Ownership

The first reason why so many stylists are choosing Total Salon Studios is that it takes out the challenges of opening a salon from scratch and giving you the formula for success from the get-go. This means that you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of ownership while having a beautifully-designed studio, the support you need, and additional training or marketing assistance to make your salon a success.

Simultaneously, you’ll enjoy the freedom to work when you want and as late as you want since the doors are designed to automatically lock when you want to leave at night. You’ll feel empowered becoming a salon owner finally while getting a smooth transition into salon ownership with a support system helping you to become profitable.

Fully-furnished Salon in a Timeless Design

Total Salon Studios has a flawless design that isn’t going to go out of style. The floor plans are designed to encourage creativity, calm clientele, and provide a place for everything you need to provide your services. Rather than worrying about creating the right layout, building something from scratch, and handling the overhead costs of furnishing and equipping your studio, you’ll have a studio ready to call your own and get your business moving right along.

Total Salon creates everything from retail display shelving for the best showcasing of products to wall-mounted mirrors with glass shelves to inspire purchasing. You’ll enjoy anti-fatigue mats while you work, instant hot water, on-site laundry, and high-quality cabinetry.

Business and Marketing support

Don’t think that these stylists are on their own for handling the marketing and business questions along the way. Total Salon provides all of the business support and marketing help you could need. You’ll get a startup guide to walk you through the process, as well as access to professionals that can help you with your marketing questions like logo designing, business cards, and more.

Professional network and industry training

Finally, stylists are choosing Total Salon Studios for the professional network that it comes with and the additional training to set them up for success. Improving skills through seminars and learning about the professional expectations you need to meet to keep your clients loyal in wanting to come back is crucial. Having access to a professional network of others that are doing the same thing will only help you stay educated on what you need to do to keep your studio meeting the expectations of your clientele.

If you wondered why stylists are choosing Total Salon Studios, these are the top 4 reasons so many are taking this path. Join us for a support network, a thoughtfully-designed studio to call your own, and your chance to finally own a salon without the large undertaking of starting from scratch!