At TOTAL SALON our primary goal is to provide beauty professionals an amazing space they are proud to call home.  We are passionate about creating this one-of-a-kind world class studio experience. We love what we do, and will take whatever time is necessary to make sure your TOTAL SALON experience exceeds your highest expectations.



TOTAL SALON specializes in building fully furnished luxury salon studios for beauty professionals, and has become the industry leader.  

By truly combining high end luxury interior fixtures, with world-class modern design, TOTAL SALON has taken the salon suites concept to the next level.  We offer individual or shared studios that include unparalleled finishes and equipment, custom station cabinetry, all major utilities, laundry facilities, break room, and much more at affordable rates.  Now you can own your own high end salon, at a price comparable to most ordinary booth/chair rentals.

Oversized Locking Studio Doors

Elegant eight foot tall glass doors greet your clientele as they make their way in to your luxury studio salon.  These retail doors securely lock, protecting all your tools and valuable salon equipment. 

High Quality Cabinets & Drawers

Keep your salon organized and clutter free utilizing the abundant cabinets and drawers TOTAL SALON provides. A color bar and back bar area are also designed into your salon studio. 

Multiple Retail display Shelves

Keep your clients hair, nails, and skin in the best condition possible. Showcase your favorite products, and make sure they are all available for your clients to purchase after a visit to your salon.   

Large Cylinder Hydraulic Styling Chair

All chairs are not created equal. Your clientele will immediately notice luxurious custom upholstery, and feel the superior comfort and cushion TOTAL SALON chairs provide through thicker high-quality dense foam. 

Extra Large Tool & Broom Cabinet

Cords sprawled around everywhere are a real eyesore in any salon.  Keep your blow dryer, flat iron, sheers, and other important tools in one convenient, easy to reach cabinet.  

Stand Alone Shampoo Bowl & vacuum faucet

TOTAL SALON is committed to providing beauty professionals the most luxurious salon studios possible, and furnishing stand alone shampoo bowls demonstrates our determination to accomplish that goal.

Wall Mounted Mirror With Glass Shelf

Your clients will love what they see in the lighted wall mounted mirror TOTAL SALON provides. Equipped with storage compartments, there will always be enough room to store a purse or extra tools.

Full Spectrum Warm LED Lighting

Lighting is an important and expensive elements in any high end salon.  TOTAL SALON has made it a point to equip each suite with full spectrum warm LED lighting so the true hair color, highlights and lowlights shine through beautifully.

Anti-fatigue Mat

Working on your feet all day can be a painful experience.  TOTAL SALON believes anything we can do to improve your lifestyle is worth doing, and providing anti-fatigue mats is without doubt, one of those items.

Sound-insulated Walls

Beauty professionals know the importance of creating an intimate and cozy environment. Exterior sounds can ruin that experience, which is why TOTAL SALON utilizes only the highest sound-insulation technology available.

Instant Hot Water

As part of the TOTAL SALON commitment to the environment, being energy efficient whenever possible is a priority.  Instant hot water not only saves you time, but also conserves this very precious natural resource. 

On-Site Laundry

Don't ever again take your dirty linens and towels home to wash. TOTAL SALON provides on-site laundry facilities with 2 sets of commercial washers/dryers.