many frequently asked questions are discussed below.  

If we've missed something you still need answered, or want more detailed information than is provided here, let us get the answers your need.  TOTAL SALON is here to help you make this incredibly exciting decision to own your own business, and reach your professional and financial goals and dreams today!  


TOTAL SALON  builds fully furnished luxury salon studios for beauty professionals, and has taken the salon industry by storm.  By truly combining high end luxury interior fixtures, with world class modern design, TOTAL SALON has taken the salon studio concept to the next level.  We offer the benefit of individual or shared studios that include unparalleled finishes and equipment, custom station cabinetry, all major utilities, laundry facilities, break room, and much more at affordable weekly rental rates.  Now you can own your own high end salon, at a price comparable to most ordinary booth/chair rentals.

Why is a TOTAL SALON better than a booth/chair rental at an ordinary salon?

This is your business.   TOTAL SALON  has eliminated the anxiety and high start-up cost associated with starting a new salon, by providing you a well equipped suite, all major utilities, business set-up resources, free WiFi, laundry facilities, and much more.  Imagine not having to share any equipment, split all your hard earned income according to your commission rate, only work the days and hours that fit your lifestyle, and not having to deal with any  boss or manager!  At TOTAL SALON  this is all possible because our weekly rental rates are competitive to booth/chair rentals at most ordinary salons.

What are business hours?

You set your own schedule.  Your studio is available to you 24/7.  TOTAL SALON  always provides a secure main entrance and each suite is individually locked giving you and your clients access anytime.

Can I decorate and/or paint my suite?

TOTAL SALON believes your suite is an expression of your personality.  Décor such as pictures or mirrors on the walls, seating, or other furnishings is at your discretion, however a quick check with TOTAL SALON is required.  TOTAL SALON  will also offer light carpentry services at very affordable rates to help with hanging shelves, pictures, etc.     

Can I share my suite with another professional?

TOTAL SALON  is known for our over sized suites.  Many of our singles can easily accommodate two professionals working side by side full time, and our doubles can handle a third professional comfortably.  If sharing is an option for you, TOTAL SALON  will have a solution that will fit your budget and allow you to obtain your career goals.

What do I need to get started at TOTAL SALON?

You are closer than you think to operating your own salon business.  To begin the process you will need to Request A Studio, and complete our online application.  Completing the application does not mean you are guaranteed a studio, or that you will be required to rent from us.  If there is a wait for to rent a studio, completing the application will place you on the priority reservation list and allow you to select the available suite of your choice if it comes available. CLICK HERE to see all available studios for lease, and begin your TOTAL SALON online application form.

Prior to opening your new business TOTAL SALON requires you have an approved application, current state issued license, general liability and professional liability coverage, and have submitted the required  security deposit. TOTAL SALON provides business resources and set-up assistance including discounts on professional services and  assistance locating appropriate insurance coverage.

How can I get more information and/or view the suites?

TOTAL SALON  is always available to you.  Feel free to visit our Contact Us page and send us a note with your questions, or call us at (904) 403-9994 and schedule a tour. 

Let's set up a time to meet and show you how TOTAL SALON
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