Estheticians Space Rentals


Being an esthetician, you have the benefit of working in the booming industry of skin care. You also have the ability to choose how, when, and where you work. Depending on preference and lifestyle, estheticians can work for an existing business, start their own, or rent a space in a salon or spa. Space rentals have become a popular option because it allows you to break into the field and maximize your earnings without the high start-up costs of opening your own salon or spa.

Whether renting a space, or as an employee, estheticians often work at a full-service company that offers other beauty and wellness services.

Average Cost for Esthetician Booth Rentals

While some estheticians are happy working as employees, those seeking more freedom and the ability to make more money will likely move towards the booth rental business model. This model allows the esthetician to pay a weekly or monthly amount for space in a salon or spa. The cost of this rental for an esthetician is usually between $200 and $400 per week.

Esthetician space rental

Esthetician Booth Rental Benefits

For estheticians, renting space in a successful salon or spa may help build new clientele. However, the major benefit is the ability to work as a business owner without the high start-up costs of opening your own spa or salon. You'll be able to keep everything you make after paying the rent and handling any other expenses you may have for supplies.

Along with the financial benefits, renting booth space at a salon allows you to set your own hours - to an extent. The rental agreement may come with certain restrictions - for example, you may have to make yourself available for walk-in appointments during certain hours of the week. However, the agreement may also offer you full independence to work when you want during the shop’s business hours.

Moving from Renting a Room to Owning a Salon

As an esthetician, the space rental model makes plenty of sense. It's not cheap to open your own salon or spa. However, with the right help, it can actually be very easy to own your own salon and work for yourself.

Owning provides far more benefits compared to renting because it's 100% your business. When you rent, you still have to answer to the salon or spa owner and abide by the rules laid out in your rental agreement. Your freedom can be stifled by things like mandatory work hours or set prices for your services. As an owner, the rental agreement and its restrictions can be thrown out the window. Your salon, your rules.

Starting your own business can be scary, but in the beauty and wellness industry it's the best way to maximize earnings. TOTAL SALON takes the fear out of owning. When you work with us, the high start-up costs are taken out of the equation. We provide full business and marketing support to ensure you have the best opportunity to succeed.

Instead of renting space in someone else's spa or salon, why not own a salon?

Imagine if you didn't have to split your profits, deal with a commission rate or work hours assigned to you anymore. With TOTAL SALON, this is all possible. Contact us today and find out how you can truly own your career as an esthetician and stop renting and working for someone else.