Hair Stylists Booth Rentals


It's not uncommon to get your license as a hairstylist and end up renting a booth in someone else's salon. A booth rental provides the opportunity for some independence while you keep more of the money you're earning.

Average Booth Rent for a Hair Stylist

Often, owners of hair salons rent spaces in their salon to other stylists for a weekly or monthly fee in order to make the overhead more affordable.. Usually, these booths have a styling chair, a counter, an area for supplies and a mirror. The hair stylist also gains access to the front desk for checking clients in and out.

Most hair stylists will pay between $150 and $200 per week for their booth. The more expensive booth rentals are often found within upscale salons in very busy areas. Average  salons and locations with less foot traffic may charge less. Some hair salons charge as much as $1,000 per week for a booth rental in very sought-after areas like New York City.

You may be able to get a lower weekly rate if you commit to using the space for a longer amount of time. Usually, committing to a year will allow for  lower rent compared to committing to just three or six months.

Hair stylists booth rentals

Additional Costs Not Covered by the Booth Rental Prices

While not all salons charge additional costs, some may. Often, it's an all-inclusive type of thing where the hair stylist pays one fee for the week. However, some salons will charge extra fees, so be sure to read through your booth rental agreement before settling on a place.

Some salons will charge a fee for electricity, water and other utilities. Others may charge if you plan to use the salon on Sundays or times outside of normal business hours. You may also have to pay a referral fee for walk-in customers.

A few other expenses you may have to pay for include:

  • Tax

  • Advertising

  • Supplies

  • Personal Insurance

Should You Rent a Hair Salon Booth?

Some hair stylists prefer to work as an employee, however, others want the independence that comes with renting their own space.

How to Get Started with Your Own Salon

Owning and operating your own salon allows you to rent out extra chairs and gain control over your finances. Unfortunately, most hair stylists never go into business for themselves due to the high start-up costs and the business management skills necessary.

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