Massage Room Rental


After you've become a licensed massage therapist and built a clientele, it's time to go into business for yourself. his isn't always an easy leap. Whether you've been working for someone else as an employee or renting a massage room in a spa, it's not as rewarding as owning your own business.

You have to start by looking for office space that will work for your type of practice and you have to make sure you get the right amount of space. Once you’ve chosen a location, you'll likely need to hire a few employees to help run the business. It's also important to consider whether you'll want to rent out additional rooms to other massage therapists.

Why Most Massage Therapists Rent Booth Space

Renting a room at a spa is the easiest way to gain some freedom in the massage business. You still get to serve your specific clientele, but you also gain the ability to take walk-in appointments. If you haven't built a very large clientele yet, this could be the best way to get started in massage therapy.

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Most masseuses never own their own massage business because the start-up costs are too high. You have to buy or rent a place to run your business, hire new employees, outfit the business with massage tables and other supplies and you have to market to draw in new business. It can add up very quickly.

Massage room rental prices seem very low compared to how much you'll spend every month trying to keep your own business up and running. However, renting a space at a salon or spa doesn’t give you the same freedom and you won't get to keep as much of the money that you make.

While renting a massage booth may be a step up from working as an employee, it's not the same as running your own massage therapy business. If you really want to be independent and gain control over your finances, taking the leap into ownership is the best way.

How to Star Your Own Massage Therapy Business

You’ll have to take time to save up all the capital you need, or you could take out a loan.However, there are better options that can make the process of starting your business easier.

You can work with TOTAL SALON and gain access to everything necessary to run your own business. At TOTAL SALON, we offer full marketing and business support with a simple weekly plan including everything you need. Our startup guide will walk you through the entire process to get started in your own spa.

Instead of working as an employee or renting space, you can truly own your career. TOTAL SALON has taken the stress out of the start-up process  by providing massage suites equipped with everything you need including utilities, Wi-Fi, laundry and so much more. When you choose to work for yourself, you no longer have to share equipment or give up a percentage of your earnings.

If you're ready for the freedom of owning your massage business, contact TOTAL SALON today.