Nail Technician Booth Rentals


As a nail technician, you have three options to earn a living.

  1. You can work as an employee.

  2. You can run your own nail salon.

  3. You can rent a nail salon booth or space in an established salon or spa.

Many choose to work as employees, but some crave the freedom that comes with renting a booth or opening their own salon. If you're seeking independence as a nail technician, the booth rental business model may provide just what you're after.

Average Nail Salon Booth Rental Rates

Nail technicians usually pay less than hairstylists to rent space because not as much equipment is necessary. In addition, hairstylists tend to use more hot water and more electricity compared to a nail technician.

nail technician space

As a nail tech, you'll be renting just the space you need and maybe a dryer for nails. Some places will provide a pedicure room and may provide other equipment. Often, if you get a spa chair and other things, you will likely pay a higher amount.

Typically, nail salon rentals run between $100 and $150 per week for desks, tables, or booths. They can go up to as much as $1,000 or more if it's a prime location with a ton of foot traffic or at a spa charging higher prices for services. The fees may be negotiable with the salon owner and you may get a better rate if they have many open spaces.

If you're renting an actual room and not just a booth/space at a nail salon, the cost will likely be $150-200/week. However, you may gain perks, such as privacy, a sink, water and electric included.

Gaining Freedom, but Losing some Control

When you decide to rent a booth in a salon or spa, you'll gain some freedom. As an employee, you work the hours you're asked to work and you get paid what the owner decides to pay you when you're hired. Renting a nail salon booth means you set your own hours and you will likely be given 24/7 access. However, you may have to pay an additional fee to use the space outside of normal business hours.

The freedom you gain does come at a price; your nail salon booth rental fee. In addition, you still have an owner to deal with and you will likely have a booth rental agreement in place stating the rules of renting the space.

Along with the rules of the agreement, your salon or spa owner may set the prices for your services. Even if they don't flat out set the prices, they may give you a range you must stay within. After all, if you and five other nail technicians are working at the same salon and charging different prices, it can get confusing for clients.

Those seeking complete freedom from working for anybody need to open their own nail salon. While the start-up costs may seem like an obstacle you simply cannot overcome, the freedom gained provides the necessary benefits to get away from the booth rental business model.

If you're ready to own your nail salon and keep all of the profits, contact TOTAL SALON today and skip the start-up costs associated with owning a nail salon.